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This is a collection of some of the key power tools that I recommend.  I am not sponsored by any tool company so my recommendations are unbiased and based on my own experience and use as a professional builder.  Any purchases made through the links help support the DP site and the DP Shop Talk channel which helps me bring you more content.  Any support through the use of the links is at no extra cost to you and is very much appreciated!

Bosch VAC090S Dust Extractor

The Bosch VAC090S dust extractor is a game changer when it comes to capturing the maximum amount of dust from any tool.  Check out my full review here.

DeWalt DW745 Table Saw

The DeWalt DW745 10" portable table saw gives accurate results on the go.  Small and lightweight it is easy to move around and the rack and pinion fence system is super accurate.

Makita MAC2400 Compressor

The Makita MAC2400 big bore air compressor is a work horse.  With a high air delivery rate and quiet operation it's a winner in the shop and on site.


Makita SP6000 Track Saw

The Makita SP6000 track saw gives accurate, splinter-free results and at a very reasonable cost.  An essential tool for working with sheet goods.  Read my full review here.

Bosch CM8S Miter Saw

The Bosch CM8S sliding compound miter saw has become my favorite all around miter saw.  Lightweight, super portable and very accurate it has the capacity to tackle 95% of trim jobs.

Bosch JS572EB Jigsaw

The Bosch JS572 EB jigsaw is a premium saw and a pleasure to work with.  The dual roller blade guide system makes for very accurate cuts, it has power to spare and the built-in dust collection is a time saver.


Bosch 12V FlexiClick

The Bosch GSR12V-140FCB22 12V FlexiClick is the most versatile drill/driver that I own.  It excels at getting into tight spaces and is perfect for cabinet work.  Read my full review here.

Bosch PS22-02 pocket driver

The Bosch PS22-02 has become my favorite general purpose driver.  With impressive power in very lightweight package it gets used on every job.  Buttery smooth power delivery too.

Bosch IDH182-01L impact

The Bosch IDH182-01L 18v impact driver packs some serious power for driving large screws and lag bolts.  With the 3 power settings it is also well suited for delicate driving tasks making it a very versatile tool.


Bosch ROS65VC Orbital Sander

The Bosch ROS65VC random orbit sander is versatile, powerful, comfortable to use and leaves a great finish.  A real work horse. Watch my full review here.

Bosch OS50VC 1/2 Sheet Sander

The Bosch OS50VC 1/2 sheet sander has all the advantages of the ROS65VC but with a much larger sanding pad.  Very smooth action leaving a fine finish and especially good for large surfaces.

Bosch VAC120BN 12V Vac

The Bosch VAC120BN 12v cordless vacuum is a perfect size for smaller cleanup jobs around the shop or site making it easy to stay ahead of the dust.  Watch my full review here.


Bosch 1617EVSPK Router Kit

The Bosch 1617EVSPK router kit is a classic that is hard to beat.  With a plunge and fixed base it is very versatile kit with plenty of power and accuracy to tackle just about any job.

Bosch PR20EVSPK Router Kit

The Bosch PR20EVSPK router kit is a nimble and accurate alternative to a full sized router.  A favorite of mine for many routing and trimming tasks.  See it in action here.

Porter Cable Biscuit Joiner

The Porter Cable 557 biscuit joiner is a classic that I've had for many years.  Simple and easy to use, it delivers accurate results for a variety of joining tasks.


Bosch GLL3-330CG Green Laser

The Bosch GLL3-330CG 360 degree green laser level has vastly improved my speed and efficiency for cabinet installs and trim work. With bright, easy to see green lines and Bluetooth connectivity, it is an impressive unit that is a pleasure to work with.

Bosch GOP18V-28N Multi Tool

The Bosch GOP18V-28N oscillating multi tool has become my favorite OMT.  With plenty of power, a built-in LED work light and the easy to use Starlock system, it's what I reach for most.  I still have my corded Fein OMT but I find the cordless Bosch so much more convenient for most jobs.  An OMT is one of those tools that you wonder how you ever lived without!

Bosch PB360C Power Box Radio

The Bosch PB360C Power Box radio keeps me rocking in the shop or on site.  Offering so many more features than just a radio and built tough as nails, its a winner for keeping your groove on!


Bosch 10" Axial Glide Saw

I recently added the Bosch CM10GD 10" Axial Glide miter saw to my shop as a dedicated shop saw.  The build quality and engineering are second to none producing perfect cuts every time.  Watch my dust collection upgrades video for this saw here.

Bosch GHO12V-08N Planer

The Bosch GHO12V-08N power planer is my go-to tool for producing accurate scribe cuts on cabinet parts and countertops. Hooked up to the dust extractor, it gives dustless cuts. Between being lightweight and cordless, it is very nimble and can be used one handed.

Senco PC1010N Compressor

I recently added the Senco PC1010N compressor to my tool kit that I take with me to job sites.  This compressor is very light weight at 21 lbs and also very quiet making it perfect for smaller trim work jobs.  It has quickly become my go-to compressor for anything outside of the shop.


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