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This is a collection of some of the key tool accessories that I recommend.  I am not sponsored by any tool company so my recommendations are unbiased and based on my own experience and use as a professional builder.  Any purchases made through the links help support the DP site and the DP Shop Talk channel which helps me bring you more content.  Any support through the use of the links is at no extra cost to you and is very much appreciated!

Kreg K5 Pocket Hole Jig

The Kreg K5 Pocket Hole Jig makes pocket hole joinery quick and repeatable.  The built-in clamp and dust collection port are my favorite features for increasing efficiency.

Collins Jigsaw Coping Foot

The Collins Jigsaw Coping Foot makes cutting cope joints quick and easy with just about any jigsaw.  For cutting baseboard, crown or cap moldings this is my go-to tool.

Oneida Dust Deputy

The Oneida Dust Deputy kit is a must-have accessory for any shop vac.  By using cyclone separation it keeps the dust from clogging your filter and keeps you working.


Bosch L-Boxx 1

The Bosch L-Boxx system has been a game changer for me, bringing a whole new level of tool storage and mobility efficiency.  They all clip and stack together for easy transportation and storage. The L-Boxx 1 is the smallest in the set and works great for items like nailers, accessories, and other lower profile tools.

Bosch L-Boxx 2

The Bosch L-Boxx 2 is a great general purpose size for tools like drills, drivers, oscillating multi tools, jigsaws, larger accessories etc.  Each of my L-Boxxes are outfitted with custom foam inserts to keep everything organized.  A simple label system makes them easy to identify.

Bosch L-Boxx 3

The Bosch L-Boxx 3 is perfect for larger tools like circular saws, sanders, planers, biscuit joiners, routers etc.  With more vertical height it also works well for carrying supplies like shims and bulky hardware to a job.


Bosch L-Boxx 4

The Bosch L-Boxx 4 is the largest in the set and works especially well for tall tools like large routers.  I keep an L-Boxx 4 dedicated for carrying misc. tools and accessories that are specific to a given job.

Bosch L-Boxx 1A

The Bosch 1A comes with removable divider bins and is perfect for small tools and bits of hardware that need to be kept within easy reach and also stay organized.

Bosch I-Boxx53-12

The Bosch i-Boxx53-12 acts as a drawer in the L-Boxx system and is outfitted with removable divider bins.  The i-Boxx fits in an L-RACK-S which can be clipped to any of the L-Boxxes.  I keep all of my most used screws and fasteners in one of these.  Also check out my MPT L-Boxx Worktop here.


Portamate PM-7000 Saw Stand

The Portamate PM-7000 miter saw stand is a sturdy and versatile work station.  With handy features like flip down material supports on the front legs and a built-in power bar it makes a perfect companion to my Bosch CM8S miter saw.

Freud 8 1/2" Miter Saw Blade

The Freud 8 1/2" 60 tooth miter saw blade leaves a flawless cut in a variety of materials.  It makes a great upgrade to the stock blade on the Bosch CM8S miter saw.

Forrest 10" 80 Tooth Blade

The Forrest Duraline HI-A/T 10" 80 tooth blade is my go-to blade for fine cross cut work on the table saw.  For cross cutting hardwood or working with veneered plywood it's hard to beat.


Forrest Dado King Blade Set

The Forrest Dado King 8" dado blade set gives a flawless, chip free cut even on materials like melamine.  After trying cheaper sets there is no comparison between the Forrest and the others.

Kreg R3 Pocket Hole Jig

The Kreg R3 pocket hole jig makes a great starter set or a set for keeping with you on the go.  It was my first pocket hole jig and now I keep it in my drill L-Boxx for working on site.

Oneida Super Dust Deputy

The Oneida Super Dust Deputy is a must-have accessory for any single stage dust collector with a 4" or 5" port.  It keeps your filter clean and keeps you working.


Bosch SKC120-202L 12V Kit

The Bosch SKC120-202L 12V starter kit is one of those accessories that represents an excellent value.  Giving you two 12V batteries along with a charger and an L-Boxx 1 for not much more cost than just two batteries, it is my go-to kit for adding 12V batteries to my setup.

Bosch BAT420 12V 4.0AH Battery

The Bosch BAT420 12V battery packs in a lot of power with a 4.0 Ah capacity.  Awesome run time for any of the 12V tools!

Bosch CORE18V 6.3Ah Battery

The Bosch GBA18V63 18V battery packs some serious power.  This is my go-to battery when I need maximum run time and power output with any of my Bosch 18V tools.  Watch my full review and test here to see it in action. 


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