The Multi Purpose Table (MPT) is a shop-built, easily portable work table that integrates with a variety of accessories. The MPT allows for an ultra-efficient, portable workflow in both the shop and on the job site. All of the components of the MPT completely pack up within the top section of the table for easy transportation or storage of the MPT.

The key to the MPT's design, is it's ability to be quickly and easily disassembled, packed up and moved to another location.  This feature is also useful for storing the MPT, taking up a minimal amount of space.  The legs and stretchers quickly disassemble and store on the underside of the shelf.  The shelf then nests and locks inside the aprons of the top making an easily transported or stored package.  Watch the demonstration video to see how the MPT assembles.  The MPT weighs in at approximately 52 lbs making it very manageable to transport easily.


There are various accessories that work with the MPT both shop made and commercially available that further expand its use and efficiency. The MPT can be used for just about any woodworking task such as sanding, sawing, routing, drilling or assembly. Some key features are: the easy use of clamps anywhere on the table or sides via the 20mm holes, track saw integration with Parf Dogs, easy portability, and easy integration of custom shop made accessories. Plunge-cut track saw integration of virtually any brand with the use of Parf Dogs is one of the key features and uses of the MPT. Click here to see the shop made accessories that have been developed for the MPT and their uses. Below are some example photos of how the MPT can be used.  If you have questions about the MPT, please visit the FAQ page.

I have created a full set of high quality, professional plans and instructions showing in detail how to build your own MPT. Click on the 'BUY PLANS' button or click here to learn more about the plans. To view completed MPT's along with reviews from others that have purchased the plans click the button below.

See the MPT in action!

See the MPT Accessories in action!

Great design, Very well documented plans. Stable, functional, compact, and easily transported work tables. What more could you ask for. I expect them to last a very long time.
— Mike

 Questions about the MPT?  Visit the FAQ page.