Workshop Climate Control - Heat, Cool & Dry

Workshop Climate Control - All Season Guide

Workshop Climate Control - All Season Guide

Learn how to properly heat, cool and dehumidify your workshop in any season.  Proper shop climate control not only makes for a more comfortable work space, but it also helps protect your investment in expensive tools and materials by preventing rust and moisture damage.

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- Electric Garage Heater

- Digital Hygrometer & Thermometer

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Properly controlling the temperature and humidity level in your shop is critical for both comfort and protecting your investment.  Moisture and condensation will quickly cause rust on metal tools.  Prevent rust by properly controlling the climate in your shop.  Wood and wood products are also affected by moisture and will expand, contract and warp if not properly stored in a climate controlled shop.  Learn some simple tips and techniques in this DP Shop Talk episode that you can apply to your own shop space.