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The feature show of the Dan Pattison YouTube channel is 'DP Shop Talk', a show focusing on shop made efficiency solutions.  The content of the channel includes how-to videos, jigs, shop tips and tool reviews.  A new episode of DP Shop Talk is released every second Saturday morning. Below are some recent featured videos from the channel. Be sure to subscribe to stay up to date with the latest videos as they are released!

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Featured Episodes

Small Shop Dust Collection - Affordable & Effective Solutions


How to Make a Baseboard Step Down Detail + Bonus Trim Tips

Dustless Jigsaw Table - Easy Cuts and Zero Dust!

Bosch Axial Glide Dust Collection Upgrades & Mods

The MPT L-boxx worktop - Practical & portable


How to Build & Install Pull Out Shelves - DIY Guide

Circular Saw Cross-Cut Jig - Accurate & Dustless

Essential Miter Saw Upgrades & Additions

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